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  • Danny told me to contact you I have an 85 Max are you interested 28k milage, last 4 on the vin is 4092

    ok if decide its a ride you have to register and donate 25 and some 3 dollar fee wwwofficerdownmemorialride.com we would be meeting at the sheetz in haymarkey right off 66..
    I might be into that. I might be going down to Harrisonburg to visit a friend who goes to basic training in a couple weeks.
    That's OK as long as your OK !! I went to Maryland m/c show Not one vmax not even new was there . I swear next I am there with two if I have a covered trailer for two by then .. Jamie
    Every now and then on craigslist there's free like rubbermaid sheds and such I don't remember if you have space for one . On the harbor freight if you want you can tell them you forgot coupon and use my home phone number 540 833 4198 sometimes the deals I see are thru catalog only so make sure to apply remember penny saved means overprice tool people don't rip you off !! And thanks for the kind words
    Hahaha goodmorning! And awesome!!!

    I'll have to look that one up, then.

    And yep! Ended up making a late night run to the Advanced auto parts and buying brake fluid, a $12 voltmeter, fuses, jumper cables, crescent wrench, and a siphon.

    It took about 15 minutes in the cold to jump the bike (battery was still dead) but when she started she ran fine on the way home! (I stayed under 3k rpm)

    Either way, thanks again! And I keep it in the front of the driveway or behind the house, I wish I had a garage haha
    Yea I seen that he was heading this way with trailer from your state and thanks for nomination thingy it does mean alot
    LOL...I did, sorry i didnt reply sooner. That is a very good idea. I will have to check with him about that. I will have to see how the schedule is going just a bit closer to Thunder.
    Jamie jag here, i been the hp had surgery for a few weeks. i lost my cell phone. call me 1-202-262-1131
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