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Apr 24, 2020
Jul 31, 2008
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Apr 24, 2020
    1. pyro4u
      Any vmax mechanics in central indiana?
    2. stevewhowell
      I'm a new member/06 V-Max owner, I started having loss of power (hesitation) at 4500rpms. I attempted Shotgun and found the A/F adjust screws were cranked down tight and I couldn't get the right rear one loose without possible damage. So I 'm trying to remove the Carbs to clean. I'm stuck on getting the throttle cables loose. Is there an adjustment to slack the cable?
    3. blaxmax
      Will the 2001 cbr 929 rr plug wires work on a 1985 vmax? Thanks
    4. abbaisdad
      Hi Gaetan!!! Man I havn't talked to you for a long time. Can you believe I have not gotten my carbs rebuilt yet!!!! Are you still interested in doning them? After your step by step instructions I Knew you were the man. I just faded out but I am back and hoping you still are interested. Thanks ether way my brother. God Bless!!!!!!! Fred
    5. Biddy56
      Hi Gaetan, Are you back from your trip and how are your bikes going?
    6. Biddy56
      Hi Gaetan, lost your email and I had to change mine
    7. PATMAX
      Yes G. And I wan to apologized for the delay. I want to pay for the shipping to you because of the delay on my end. I had some family stuff get in the way that I just could get away from. I'll b sure to ask Sean to give you the delivery date.
    8. KosRider
      Happy B'Day !!
    9. kevman
    10. diddly squat
    11. mr.maxx
      great job with the carb rebuild sticky!!! thanks!!!
    12. KJShover
      Have a great birthday man!
    13. PDWeyand
      Happy birthday
    14. boost2001
      you have to remove BOTH the bottom race and bearing (not just the bearing)to do this mod ? where can i find the thread on how to do this? sounds like you grind it out to the frame and install a new race ,that right?
    15. ericc
      Hey Gaetan, thanx for the reply. I've got 29k on my bike and no valve adj. to date. I know the problem is w/ #3 cause when I disconect # 3 wire ( with a plug in it) it stops backfiering. Im still getting spark but not sure how to measure if its hot enough? As you sugest does Sean charge to" swap out" TCI and coils? once again thanx for your help! If I dont get to ride her soon you might here about a crazed man in a high tower w/ a high powered rifel!!!
    16. ericc
      I'm new to the site and so far impressed w/ the effort some put into it! I read your valve adj. advice, preaty good stuff!! I was hoping you could give alittle advice? I've a 85 vmax that is missfiering on # 3. I'm getting spark ,replaced plugs and that wire(#3) I also rebuilt the carbs w/ no change. I second guessing that I did a good enough job w/ the carbs? also a cold comp. test came up w/ #1 @ 140 #2 @ 150 #3 @100 #4 @ 120, With that being said could it be # 3 valve out od adj. or more serious? I would any advice you could share w/ me. thanks Eric-
    17. GENE ROSS
      Hello, I left a msg on the link about your shocks for sale. I am following up with this note, if you still have them.. mail me @ thanks
    18. gamorg02
    19. 200 RWHP
      200 RWHP
      Friendship request sent... You know you have to have a Second Gen owner as a friend :-)
    20. mattchuck77

      Thanks for the advice! I am going to clean the carbs myself. I read through you post and I am sure it will be very helpful. I have just a few quick questions though. Do I remove all four carbs from the Max as one assembly or shuld I take out one at a time? Also, once the hose clamps are lossened on the carb outlet, how hard should I have to pull to get them to come out. Is there some other physical attachment holding rhe carb in place?

      Thanks again!
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    Music maker, company director
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