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  • Thanks for your reply on my parts wanted add. You stated you had a flyscreen for $150.00. I just wanted to confirm that is the small "Instrument Cowl" cover and not the bigger Mark III windshield? Thank you.
    Hello I was told you might have the stage 7 crankcase breather hose complete up to air filters, if so would you like to sell it? Let me know speedontrucking@aol.com, thanx
    Patmax hello
    I have a 1985 max
    I would like a back rest and someone said you have some?
    Just checking and if yes, what price?
    I saw you looking at a post for the red Gen 2 earlier this week at the same time I was. You know your name shows up at the bottom of a thread if you are actively viewing it right?
    Hello Patrick.Just logged back on since the winter is winding down.I,m a big snowmobiler in the winter.All is well.Thanks for checking up on me. Time to shift gears back into bikes. Dave
    Know of any black rims around? What would you need to get out of them? Been looking around for a newer set in decent shape.
    Hey Patrick, are you able to have a quick chat with me? I would like to call you by phone if I could. My number is 780-922-5826. Thanks
    Pat, this is really generous of you, but as it may be quite a lot to ship to me so if you want to participate that's fine, but I can't accept for you to pay for it all. Also I know you had family issues and family comes first, so I understand. Just let me know once you've sent it to Sean. cheers, Gaetan
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