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  • Hey Ragin, let me know if you guys set up another So Cal Ride, Just picked up my first Vmax so def up for a ride and any tech advice couldn't hurt either.

    Hey RagingMain, I need your help. I got a scrolling reflector taillamp on ebay and I lost the wiring directions. Hoping maybe you have 'em.
    -Thx, Nick
    Alright here we go, lets make this official.....

    SoCal VMAX ride - Sunday May 1, meet at Hell's Kitchen (32685 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, California 92530) at 10:00. Everyone bring a strip map of where they think would be good places to ride from Lake Elsinore. We'll figure out what the best one or two are over a beer and then head out.

    Thanx for the great idea Rusty I can't think of a better place to start a VMAX ride than a place called Hell's Kitchen. You all have one month to get your bikes back together so we can make this a good showing.

    Got any questions or suggestions please drop me a line.

    Alright....looks like we may have about 5 or 6 that want to make this SoCal ride happen. I'm free Sunday, May 1st and Saturday, July 23 or 30. Drop a line and let me know what works best for everyone. I would like to do the May one and then do one of the dates in July.

    Let me know.

    Getting a SoCal VMAX ride together sometime in Apr/May. Posted a thread in the rides/hookups section. Got about 5 so far....you interested?

    Whats up bro,
    I just got Back from Toms farms in Corona and got your message.
    I definatly would like to hook up but I have to watch my 11year old until my wife gets home from work in Irvine and by that time the traffic is hell both ways.
    Is there any way that you can get a Saturday free ? I think that it would would the best day to do anything and go for a ride.
    We need to go out to toms farms and show off the vmaxes `cause there are too many harleys there and the people need something different to look at lol
    Write me back and let me know what you think .
    Hey fargo, just installed air shocks in the rear of the max that I stole off my Honda and they are great.(beats anything with a spring in it !!!! I lowered the front another 1/2" and now I`m ready for a ride. I will send you some pics of the bike (maybe tonight)
    by e.mail. stay kool and take care.<<Dave>>
    Hey fargo,
    Donn wrote me about buying that instrument cluster that I think he made for you.
    I already customized mine and installed a water temp guage on the handle bar.
    I would like to buy it but I can`t swing 500 bucks especially after getting after the ol` lady about throwing money away at the casinos.lol
    I think that I wrote noxx72 about a ride but he never responded.
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