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    I see your friends with Sarchin. I have reached out to him about his post on parting out the '06 Max thread he posted, but have not heard back, nor have I seen an update to the post. Do you know him personaly, how to contact him outside the forum, or if the remaining parts listed in the thread are still available?


    I tried to call you. No answer so I left you a message. Mike and I are making the trip up to see Sheldon this Monday. We made reservations a couple weeks ago to drive up there on Mon and stay the night and see him again tuesday before we head back. At the time we didn't know whether he would be coherent, but these last couple of days the posts have really sounded encouraging. Just wanted to know if there's anything we could take him or do for him. What would be the best time to see him? Let me know.

    Love your avatar. Stupid question, but please give me "click by click" instructions on how to change my avatar, and signature photo, like you did.


    R-1 L.H., Chrome , R-1 Caliper is on the way via UPS , expected delivery is Thursday , 9/27 .

    Hey Brian, looking forward to seeing Redbone with all the new mods your planning... especially the wheels !!!!
    Quick question bro, on the pic with 4 girls, their all the same girl right? Everytime I see that I think " I'll have to ask him someday" lol, well, I guess today's the day
    Visitor# 4,028 and I actually looked at your bike pics also :rofl_200:
    Truly an honor to have you on my friend list....my wife is a redhead so yes, I like everyone else love the pics....keep em comin'.

    Redbone.....gotta say you have the best profile pics in this forum.....very nice.

    Keepin visiters smillin'...Thanx,
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