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  • I do not think i did. I am still trying to figure this forum out but checked my friend list and it still says friend request sent. I see you do a vmax ride in our area i live in Clinton so i will like to know if you ever do that again. I have been slowly building my vmax for about 12 years. It is a labor of love my neighbor raced dirt bikes in the early 1980's and bought a 1986 brand new. First time i seen the bike i said one day i would get one.
    2015 May Illinois Vmax Rally is the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend. Out of Decatur Illinois
    Just wanted to know if you were planning another vmax rally this year. Last year was a blast
    See you at IL spring Vmax Rally. Ill try to talk your brother Bob into coming, heard he bought some new pipes for his Harley.
    Hi Rick. My name is Marc Matczak from Waterford Pa. I've swapped my 1200 out for a 1300 I did up temporarily and enjoyed it, but, that motor is now gone, and my stock 1200 is now a 1500 and will hopefully be putting it together real soon. I see you've had your share of 1500's! I'm jealous! Anyway, I finally got myself a dyno, so I can tweek everything in once I'm done. I just wondered if you have any advice as I piece this back together? I will be using the overdrive 5th gear, the over-driven oil pump setup, and to start out with the stock carbs w/Morely's airbox setup on UFO twin pipes I got from Sean also. I wondered if the stock carbs will be good enough until top end, or will they holding me back? Any cam recommendations or anything else, I'm all ears! Nobody around here messes w/vmaxes, especially 1500! Thanks for all your help. If you'd rather not type, I could call you when it's convenient for you. Marc.
    Hey Rick. Sent a friend request on facebook. Mike Kolder.

    Your tourmaster is still top of my list.
    hey rick tell me more about the 2000 vmax 1500 tourmaster bike you have for sale for 2000, man i need that bike!
    Hi. I am in the middle of putting together a 1500. Did you dyno your 1500 w/carbs and then w/the efi to compare? What can you say about the efi good or bad? Do you know what mm ID the throttle bodies are? Thanks. Marc.
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