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Rusty McNeil

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  • Hey Rusty, Wesley here. Met you at a couple of tech days at Michael & Gigi's house. Sold my '01 to a kid in Baytown last year & now he's having some electrical issues with it. Can you give him some advice on what to do to get it back on the road? I think it's the regulator/rectifier issue. If you can help, let me know & I'll put you in touch with him. He lives off Bayway near ExxonMobil Chemical. Appreciate it man.

    Can you help me please?..i need help on the crimp fix....not soildering it but re routing the wire to the battery w/ 30 amp fuse and ground wire.....do you have pics? thank you for looking....Tony
    No I do not, have never let anyone touch it but me.
    There's a Vmax Houston Yahoo group that you could ask that question on and I know you'll get the answer....I've heard there's a guy in Katy, Independent I believe, that has a good rep. working on the Vmax with the group.
    You have to sign up or "join" to get on the message board. It's worth it, they post up quite a few Vmax runs etc. including a twice annual Bandera get together, lot's of good guys on there..

    I see that you are in Baytown. I'm a houston guy, curious if you have an independent or dealer in town that you prefer for repairs to the VMAX.

    Thanks for the intro.. Nice guys!! I may go plug and play but I'll let you guys know.. Hope Ryan and your whole family are well.. Your a true gentleman. Loved your Yellowstone Pics!!
    Hi Rusty,
    May I email you? I have some questions regarding your ride as well as asking some advice on the steps I'd like to take. Your ride is definitely within the top 3 of my favorites..
    Please email me If you could:
    [email protected]

    Lee Ross
    Aka Karmakatt
    They're an Exactrep product. Can only get it from them although I think there are some fiberglass replicas available elsewhere. They honestly don't put out very good light. I bumped the bulbs up to 100 watts each and they are barely adequate. Other people can see you very well, but they are pencil beam driving lights in that housing and the pattern is too concentrated.
    the bike looks great, where did you get the headlights? and do they work well?
    Hey Rusty, I'trying to get a hold of ANTWERKS? Any chance of calling him and asking him to call me? I left him a message with my number. It seem you know him well? He messaged me this morrning and I was working. Any help much appreciated.
    Nope, still waiting on the upper case to come back from having new/bigger sleeves installed.

    Going to California for the rest of the year, after I get done in Arkansas.

    Probably be spring before I manage to deal with it.
    Sorry I didn't return your message. I was; and am still at work in La. Have been hitting 90-100 hour weeks for the last three. I'm going to Ark. to drop off equipment and then flying home for the weekend from Little Rock on the 20th. Then flying back to Little Rock on the 23rd for another 21 day straight string. When I drive home from I'll try to swing by and see you then. I think I'm going to California for the rest of the year after that.
    Finally figured out how to go to page 1. Your bike is awesome!!! Great Job. Hope to ride together soon. Barry
    Man I would love to take it right now, but I just spent about 8 grand on stuff to push my motor up to a stroker 1539. I'm poor right now. I'll spread it around my circle of friend tho' Good luck!

    Rusty my bike is for sale if you know anyone interested , as you know the blower set up is 5000 alone asking 7500.00 for my bike please feel free to call me at 9043154760
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