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  • Love the paintwork Rusty. The shift in the jet stream that has left the states in a heatwave has given us in the UK ABOUT 3 RAIN FREE DAYS SINCE MAY
    Hopefully this will change soon. Off out to the Isle of Anglesey off the NW coast of Wales on thursday for a 4 day rally so it needs to hurry up and get on with it
    Cheers Squib
    Thanks for the invite Rusty! I'm at work right now on a night shift (OT) so will be sleeping in the morning and have a birthday party to make in the afternoon.I saw my first other V Max this afternoon coming to work and I think it may have been you. It was 5:18 pm today and I was just getting off the ramp from 5 South to Canon Rd and a guy on a carbon fiber V Max with white tennis shoes was headed east bound on Canon Rd. Was that you?
    Yes,the wife and I rented a cabin up there a couple of years ago and it's beautiful! Never rode a bike up there but it would be a nice ride.I'm stuck in the ole power plant tonight.
    Was thinking maybe Bigbear/Creatline for the summer ride. Cooler temps and awesome riding. We'll see. Join the SoCal VMAX inc. group.
    CHECK THIS OUT. Started a SoCal VMAX Group (SoCal VMAX inc.)...go to the group section and sign up. This will make it easier to keep in contact on the forum.

    DO it DO it NOW!!!!!!,
    The meet up will remain at Hell's Kitchen. Please text your phone #s to me so we can all stay in contact.

    Any ideas for an alternate meeting place? Maybe something right off Interstate 15?

    Sounds like us VMAXers need to stay clear of the Ortaga HW.

    Please let me know so we can make it official and I can attempt to contact everyone.

    Weather looks awesome for the ride.....just want to winds to stay down.....It's been stupid windy out here in the high desert for a week now.

    See ya on Sunday,
    The ride is still a go...does anyone have an issue linking up at 9 instead of 10? I'm pretty sure I have the longest ride to the linkup point and I don't mind leaving between 6:30-7 to get there by 9. I have to be back to Fort Irwin by 4pm and would like to have that extra hour so I'm not consistantly looking at my watch.

    Let me know,
    Looks like we are getting a good group for this ride...man I can't wait. If we get anough and we all want to we can all throw in $10 and make it a small time poker run...winner take all.

    Looking forward to meeting and riding with you all,
    Hey man, I`m sorry bout the spelling but I sent you yhe message from my E- Reader tab.
    It has wi-fi and can go on web sites but, for some stupid reason everytime I spell the word "and" it turns into the word "android" I don`t know WTF is up with that but I`m getting fustrated with it, I use it when my computer wants to act stupid.
    Hey Rusty,I got the message bout the ride.
    I live in fiverside Android have been to hells kitchen once, the food is a little pricey but very good Android usually infested with harley Android sport bike riders.
    Ortega. Hwy. Is a twisty road that is a very scenic ride that finishes in San Juan Capistrano.
    My bike will be ready for the ride if I can get the ol'lady to let me go.
    Wish I could do the Laughlin ride but my sons birthday is on the 29th....that's why I scheduled the Vmax ride for May 1st, I'm free that day.

    Hey I will be in Laughing (River run) that day with my other 4 V-MAX's friends, maybe another time... hope that will be near SFV...
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