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  • С Днем Рождения :)Желаю тебе всего наилучшего.вот всего,что есть на свете хорошего - мира,дружбы ,любви,радости,вдохновения,желания жить,радости,света :) с Днем Рождения :)
    Happy Birthday:) I wish you all the best. that's all that is good in the world - peace, friendship, love, joy, inspiration, desire to live, joy, light :) happy birthday :)
    Przemyslaw hi :) :) Happy Birthday :) all the best you wish, health, work, good luck, let it be a full order and understanding in the family :)

    Пржемислав :)привет :) с Днем рождения :) всего самого наилучшего тебе желаю ,Здоровья,работы,удачи,пусть будет полный порядок и взаимопонимание в семье :)
    Como va? soy de Argentina, tenes idea como puedo hacer para comprar una v-max y traerla a mi pais? desde ya muchas gracias.-
    Hi Prez,
    Well that's nice. I'm interested. How much do you charge? I'm buying a notched swing so do you need that when you make the wheel?

    Jussi :biglaugh:

    If I understand correctly you can custom make a rear wheel for vmax? Are you still doing those?

    yes I am not in a hurry:) Przemek, you now tell me, brass valve guides you yourself did not do? I have a stuck valve in the piston, and of the valve bent .2 guides burst. factory rails are too expensive ..... as if the fate of the fool?
    than the saddle, and you pass, what a cutter? I have after lapping too broad path turns. about 3 mm. too much. almost the entire lateral surface of the valve.
    Hey man, I'm trying to figure out how you mounted that shock on your bike.
    I have a rear shock and mount from my old CBR600F3 and thinking about mounting it like yours.
    Any pointers?
    I only have a few pics of the tank on the install. BRM is where it came from originally. I bought it from a guy in the states for $5 because it had a hole in it, I had it repaired and its been running fine since. They want a lot of money for them but if you have it...Its worth the extra miles you can go thats for sure. Pic's in my album.
    Take care.
    I have been looking at the FJR swingarm in a spare frame I have. I think it is possible with a lot of modification. The swing needs to be narrow about 3/4 - 1" so it won't hit on the frame. The bracketry for the shock needs to be lowered as far as possible to get away from the fuel tank, without messing with the geometry and still keeping road clearance. Also the fuel tank would need modified to regain what is lost, perhaps battery relocation. Also a new pivot point would need to be machined out, I like the aspect of altering the swing to mimic the stock one with the U-joint tunnel. I want to work on it more this summer if not the fall.
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