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  • Oh crap! I didn't want to sound like I was dunning you about the regulator! Only send the cash when you are absolutely sure you're satisfied with it... No hurry.
    Dumb question.... When I look at the list of who is online, I see a little + sign after some peoples names. What does that signify?
    Good to hear from you Steve. Yes, getting ready for harvest here.
    Had my Max on the Dyno again after a little more tuning, a new high HP and torque 123.23 and 81.32. Made me smile.
    I've got my same room booked for Thunder next year.
    Stay in touch.
    Hey bud I'm offering any of my extras to you before I post them in the parts for sale
    I have to make a trip to York PA putting off until it's warmer out to ride the bike up.
    I run very rich, even when I pull the carbs off i was running with. Put on some other carbs jetting them was trip. I'm trying to get better gas miles. For long rides. When look at your bike kinda wish I kelp your look. I really like what you did to your bike. I'm not sure yet on the wheels if going that way. I really got mess up in the car crash soft ride bumps in the road is very painful. Where did you pick up the rotors they look cool man I'm drooling over them.
    Man nice bike. You hp numbers was still clamming. How far are from From bowie md 20716
    I'm still trying to figure my way around the site so I just got your response. Merry Christmas! My riding season is over but if you find yourself in RI I own a restaurant in North Kingstown called Sonoma Bistro & WineBar, drop in for some refreshments. Otherwise I will most certainly reach out with the new season.

    I also live in Southern NE. Rhode Island to be specific. I'm always looking for new places to ride and new friends to make.

    I appreciate all the info and help I wish I had won the lottery I only owned the bike for 1 week and im buying shit all ready lol !!!
    I bought the wwheel from a forum member that advertised it. They pop up from time to time. Sean has a front matching 17" front. I should buy it, it is wider too I believe and can take a 120 radial. I sasw one for $375 last summer, a rear. It was a bit narrow for me. 6" wide is the way to go, and a must for the 190 rear.
    I really like the look of your rear wheel, and would want to find a matching front wheel. Where did you get the rear, and how much was it?
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