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  • Hi, my name is Keith, aka Romax. I'm organizing a couple rides/events for the upcoming season. One is a bit of a trip, Calgary to Vancouver Island and back. We have guys coming from Ab., Sask., B.C., as well Man. We'll be leaving Calgary on Sat. July. 23, and return the following Fri. There are 15 confirmed already, and 29 on the maybe list. I'll take care of where the fuel stops will be, and set up motels. I'll try and get discounts for the motel rooms. If you are unable to do the entire ride, but still want to be a part of it, you are welcome to join up with us at any time during the ride, weather for a few days, or even a few hrs. Details are on my Facebook group, V-Max Canada
    Keith McMann : VMOA #4817
    Western Canada/Alaska Director: VMOA
    Facebook : V-Max Canada
    Facebook : V-Max Parts
    Facebook : User Name: RoMax Maxx
    It takes one to know one. LOL. Ive been a member here for a pretty long time. I dont think Ive EVER posted here tho. And I dont look at it as being a traitor. If its about Vmax Im about it. I cant get enough info on them to satisfy my need. But im not talking about those new sissy models. Nope its legend or nothing. ROFLMAO!!! I just found out something tonight. A few months ago when FX accidentally sent everyone that PM saying thier post was WAAAAYY WRONG when he ment to only send it to one person. I know who that person was and what they posted. I told them that they were wrong. It wasnt really a picture of what they thought it was. And that it was actually just another picture of you with your tongue sticking out.
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