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  • I just sold my 93, and am looking for a complete bike, preferably 93 on up. Bad motor is ok, but really don't want something trashed, or that has sat outside for any length of time. Am wanting to rake it out, and either buy a Morley motor, or build my own. Bad paint and no exhaust would be ok also, just don.t want one oxidized and weathered bad. If anyone runs accross one I would appreciate a p.m. if it is within' roughly 500 miles of cental IL., thanks
    Sounds like a good setup! Jon makes good stuff he's just a liar and a cheat... lol I will be going to the Ottawa VMOA rally this year I think. I'm in Galesburg almost every weekend during the warmer months but not on the bike. lol
    Hey theemax, I understand from Jeff (Hubeerjw) that you live in Galesburg huh? My family has a home in Dahinda on Spoon Lake. Anyway... We will all have to hook up next year some time. Maybe at the spring Vmax rally in IL. I live in the Quads.
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