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  • was looking at pics of your bike and was wondering where you got the fuel injection system for it? how much did it cost and how much hp did it gain by putting it on.
    Hi Jim, I'm looking at some rear Ohlins shocks with reservoir . Guy is telling me they are 14 1/2 inches eye to eye. I'm currently running about 12 1/2 inch Progressives. What model # are you running and what is the distance eye to eye ?

    Thanks, Paul
    Im up all night most nights. always looking for someone to chat with you can call me anytime. 517 260 2348 I have the canada plan eh? I work from 6pm to 6-8am mon-fri. I sleep from 8am to 3pm or so. I need lots of info on clutch brakes and exhaust. dont want to spen a ton of money but around $1500. I have lots of question. I also want to hook up and ride the islands. I looked at thunder in the vallie and i dont know if i want to spend my 3 vacation days that my wife gives me on that or make a big ride in canada for 4 or 5 days. Or split them up over 3 weekends. I put your number in my phone i will call you tonight.
    chuck tells me you can get hmf exhaust. pm me or call 517 260 2348. how much will he take for it. or i should say how little. HA HA lol.
    Not yet, just found a truck scale that I can weigh it at, hoping for some warmer weather to ride there.
    Am probably going to have to postpone my Alaska adventure until 2011 due to circumstances out of my control:bang head:
    I actually borrowed those from 02Moneypit. Not too sure exactly how he got them mounted the way he did.
    Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum and I love the copper/black paint scheme on your Max. Could you tell me how you were able to fasten your highway pegs to the engine guards without them moving? I'm trying to do the same but can't keep them in place. Did you use anything special? Much appreciated!

    I had to work late last Saturday and couldn't make it out :(

    Let me know the next time your gonna be in the Ajax / Oshawa / Bowmanville area.
    I'd love to have some experienced eyes have a look at my max and set me in the right direction as to what it's gonna need to be good as new.

    I also got a good quote from fireball coatings there... thanks! I am going to use them!
    Hi there I am trying to get info on what kind of forks and triples you put on that bike? I think a new front end will smooth out the cornering handling for me.
    Hi Jim,..hate to be a bother , but could you please ask shel to get in touch with me. I talked to Mark at Fireball and say's he doesn't have my exhaust. I was hoping to join the Vmax boys out in Alberta for their get together at the end of May. I have all i need for the swing arm,..but i don't want to install till i have the exhaust in place,..prolly easier to do.
    Would very much appreciate hearing from him soon as I'll need to book time off from work to be able to make the ride.
    Thx in advance.
    Will pass on the message. PM'ed you Fireball Coatings' phone number. Yep have ~2000km and counting so far. She is a great passenger too!! Loves the bike and loves riding it, well hates the pillion pad, but life isnt perfect. LOL.
    Hey Jim,..Tom PMed me on the forks. Thx. I sent Sheldon a message a few days ago about the exhaust,how does he want to do the payment?
    I was thinking of contacting Fireballcoatings and paying for it up front so it won't come out of his pocket. Then i would just send him a check for what he wants for the carbon can and the tail piece.
    Would you be able to pass this on for me , I hate being a pest, specially if he's busy .
    Your new lady letting you put some miles on that bike?
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