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    Tim, shipped your fender today, Fed Ex tracking # 830110580082, ship time 5 days
    Thunder is to far away for me to plan. summer Construction schedule can be brutal. I don't know at this point where or what shifts I'll be working. I'll know more if its possible, when we get closer, and I'm back to work. I think the carb synch thing with dennis would be fun. Probably something we can work out when the weather breaks.
    We have a room at the motel for Thunder - Wednesday to Saturday. I'm sure we can save you a ton of money if you're interested in coming out in June. It may be a bit crowded, but we'll all fit! I asked Dennis about the Carbtune - maybe we can do both of them at the same time???
    Thanks again for the rotors!! Can't wait to get the thing going. Im gonna know everything about this bike and I haven't even rode it! Lol
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