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  • Looked for picture, saw only 1and could not make out shape. What is maker and model? Like to look it up, see size etc. thanks
    I really like the sound and look of them, good rumble and not too loud when driving but loud enough everyone hears you coming or going hahah. i guess from reading the forums that they seem to loose a bit of HP over some others and even stock one?? I bought the bike with them and there is no dyno up here to check it . feels like it still has lots of power , they say around 25bhp loss so guess it would feel even crazier with that much more power.
    Tugla- How do you like the Cobra slip-ons? Are you happy with the sound? I'm looking for something with a deeper rumble than the stock and the cobra's are about the best looking (for me).
    Hi Jeff sorry for the delay, ya im interested for sure. is there are way you can send pics of the black ones. did you get all the missing bolts you were waiting for?? Any chance making a deal to send them to canada???
    if you are still interested in the frame braces, please contact me asap. i put them up on the board and have 2-3 guys who are also interested. you asked first, so i'm waiting for an answer from you before i go and make a deal with someone else! thanks again

    regards jeff
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