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  • Whats up Mike. Where you located at in MI. Im from nwo...bowling green. Ill come out and ride with you guys. Just let me know when.
    Hi mike
    I'm new to this forum. Did you post any videos? I think you took one I'm looking for?
    I like the shorter seat and I have already done the rear led brake light and added 2led lights to the liscense plate...they screw in and hold the plate on...looks pretty cool. But Ty for the post
    Haven't forgotten you Mike! Haven't heard back yet from my guys. I know their busy as all H--L.
    I'll give you info as soon as I get it, I promise!!
    All the Best,
    haha almost have a few things left on the list before shes ready to be revealed to the public... getting very close and the itch is getting stronger as the weather changes
    Hey Mike-
    Got my 4-2 SlashCuts on and I'm getting the thumbs up from the local garbage men (air horn!!) and women riders came over to say hi this morning! Hehe..
    Thx brother!
    I see you and hijacker have the same plate next to your name is this a club that i can join. I thought chad had it on his car and took a picture of it but i see you have it also. If its a club sign me up. unless it's a to slow hooligan club.LOL...MIKE
    Hey Mike, things good for me, work is keeping me busy, been bidding on go pros on e-bay, hope to score one soon and be ready for this year, Yes, we should all have our covers installed for Thunder!.......I'll be doing mine this spring when I do the clutch upgrade and fix my oil leak in the mid gear cover area, looking foreward to getting on the Max again!.......You can have the bolts that go with the rotors...........Talk to ya soon!....................Tom.
    Thanks Mike, it's something I enjoy doing but I'm glad you like it.
    I'm looking forward to next year.
    Hey Mike! I send Pjohn a PM about the drag day. (The '97 with the odd cans on it) I thought you would like to read his response

    i"m not going to need to worry about any upgrades to my bike anymore. unfortunately it and i had a crash the first day of my trip. I faired much better, with only a few scrapes and bruises. the bike however is a total loss. hopefully, i'll be able to replace it in the spring/summer, as for right now the season is pretty much over. i am going to try to get out to the drag strip when everyone is there though.

    I offered him my Honda if he wanted something to rie, but I'm guessing he won't want it. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Life is great. Im hosting an irish hills michigan ride on sunday we have 12 vmax's going and three with go pro's so we should have some good vidio. I think damon will be on the ride he's always alot of fun and vary valuable. I will try and get some vidio of some steep hills that i can get 2nd gear 50mph wheelie over. Have fun at rice-o-ramma.
    not much, been pretty bust building a pone in the back yard. going on a ride to rice o rama sunday, I should have some pics to post. How bout you? all well? riding season winding down?
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