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  • anything happening yet with your tailight project?

    Ever get a price on that tranny?

    Let me know,
    Been to a track twice.....It's a good time. Smoked a VRod 3 times the first time I went.

    How's the weather out there?.....usually freezing, warm, freezing, hot, cold, and warm this time of year in Iowa....I'm sure it hasn't changed.

    always good to have another vmax in the group. so far we have about 7 vmaxers around here. But only 2 of us are into drag racing.
    My sister lives in Des Moines about 3 miles from Adventureland....I'm in the Army currently stationed in Cali.....I'll let you know next time I'm coming back home. Would be a good time.
    From Cedar Rapids...would love to test that '85 theory next time I'm back home for a visit.

    same here, if you get near des moines. or even down to eddyville. i plan on doing a few runs this summer.gotta try out these wheelie bars and struts.
    That sounds like something I need to do. Bad case of cabin fever here. If your ever in the IC area let me know.
    pulled the max out today. just to lay some rubber down my street.
    I wish it's nice to see it warm up. but it's sloppy.
    need them spring rains to clean the streets.
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