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  1. B

    1/8th mile zx14 testing

    I had my first trip back to the track this weekend. I was a little rusty and it's a lot harder to get used to a long bike than I thought that it was going to be. I ran decent with the majority of my runs being in the 6.10-6.25 range, but my best was a 1.50 60ft, 3.99 330ft, 6.08 @ 118. My best...
  2. B

    Barona 1/8th mile last night

    Well, i went to the track on the 14 again last night. one of my worst nights yet. My bike was a fucking unicycle all night long lol. best time was a 1.7 60ft, 6.63 @ 111.8. DA was 4200FT and the air was shit. I was down about 4mph for the times i was running all night long. There's always next...
  3. B

    1/8th mile

    What are some good bone stock times to expect int he 8th mile? Also, how many people are running down in the 6's and what do you have done.
  4. 6

    First time to the track (1/8th mile)

    Bike's a 99, all stock except for kerker 4 2 1. I did no front end strapping or any of that stuff, just got on the track and ran. Didn't even really do a burnout at all, did 1st time, but that's it. Started out running 2 back to back 7.6's with 1.9?? 60's. Then ran a 7.5 with another 1.9 60...
  5. shawn kloker

    1/8th mile

    I only went to the strip one time and it was last summer.I made 8 passes.4 practice and 4 bracket racing.I had a best of 7.20 sec @98.77mph.I was getting faster each run and broke out.I plan on running the quarter mile soon at pittsburgh raceway park. Since running at summerduck I have...