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  1. J

    Devil 4/2 and Doma racing 4/2

    Hey guy's, I just wanted to share some pics with you. I swapped my exhaust today from devils to doma racing. The doma's sound much deeper and louder, i may have to find some db-killers :biglaugh: salukes
  2. D

    Wanted - used aftermarket 4/2 exhaust system

    Title says it all. I posted topic in the V-Max Parts wanted area, but I think this section gets much more traffic. Didn't post link here to the Parts-Wanted-Section as I am a newbie here, and I do not don't know all the website rules. Thanks in advance for any leads, Dan
  3. djmachinist

    UFO 4/2 exhaust installation problem

    I have a new UFO exhaust system I bought for my 05 max. I have had a hell of a time getting this exhaust system installed. With a lot of tugging and pushing I finally got the thing flanged up. Now I have three of the four cylinders leaking at the exhaust port. I used new exhaust gaskets...