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  1. C

    Horsepower to wheels calculator Just a neat little gizmo. I know its not going to be super accurate, but gives you a quick reference point. 140 hp vmax = 113 hp at the wheels..... so its not really far off.
  2. Falaholic

    Gearing Calculator?

    Is there a gearing calculator out there for the Vmax? I've been using: Putting in my wheel diameter, width, and aspect ratio. Plugging in the gear ratios, but seem to fall short on the diff ratio. If there isn't a specific gear ratio calculator out...

    Tire Diameter Calculator

    I like this one because you can view a lot of sizes at the same time. If you don't see what sizes you want, just type them in. If you need more rows to calculate just drag the formula straight down to add as many rows as you want.
  4. firefly

    Tire size calculator

    Very useful when considering different tire sizes or setting a digital speed that requires inputting tire circumference.
  5. firefly

    Conversion Calculator