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  1. T

    Interesting development

    So, i'v fitted some combined led turn signals and running lights today. They are great little things. I'v fitted a controller to each side that turns the white light off when the turn signal is working, as you can see in the last pic above. Now, i fitted the right hand...
  2. vmaxcruzer

    Interesting development

    I noticed last night for the first time that my LED light for my fan over ride switch comes on ever so slightly at about 50 and gets brighter the faster you go. Never saw it before, obviously not in the day light. It appears that the fan being spun by air is illuminating the LED.
  3. Rusty McNeil

    Awesome development!! The Vmax community can never use enough support! Nice to see they are finally getting on board with a "Modern" forum setup. While it may not be everyones cup of tea to join the VMOA and I understand why some may not care to join, I think it is still good for ALL...