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  1. V

    GPS tracking devices

    Is anybody using these gizmos? What kind of plan is needed for the sim card? How accurate is it? Please post up. Considering buying into this technology.
  2. caseyjones955

    Pornography block suggested on internet devices, SC A religious/conservative group trying too inflict their own ideals on everyone with more anti-choice legislation, or a money grab? We have to prevent "millions of lives" from being destroyed. Or, or you can just slip...
  3. D

    fuel saving devices.....

    I know this will open up a huge can of worms, but this article IS worth reading for anyone looking to "create" more air turbulence in their bike and or car carbs..... Myth Busters should do their own study on it. This is ONLY 1 of many studies done on this subject.... and I'm sure, just like...