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  1. G

    Emulator Kit - worth it?

    I'm interested in upgrading my front fork, which seems like the best bang for the buck in increasing handling according to a lot of threads on this site. It also seems like Race Tech springs are slightly more favorable than Progressive's springs, so I think I'll be ordering a set of Race Techs...
  2. N

    Race Tech Emulator install

    I am trying to put together a bit more comprehensive set of instructions for doing this install. well, trying to install my set and not muck it all up. On my 86 I am looking to drop the front about an inch. The bottoming out springs that came with the kit are longer than the stock ones...
  3. firefly

    Raceteck emulator adjustment

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v515/RW4x4van/RaceTech%20Springs/?action=view&current=RaceTech3.jpg The racetech springs and emulator was my first mod to do on the max and a must to get more fun and control riding the max, I also lowered the forks one inch internally , what a difference that...