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  1. naughtyG

    Dual Horns Mod - make it sound LARGE!

    I wasn't impressed with the OEM horn on my V-Max - it sounded more like a 50cc moped or scooter than a 1200cc Muscle Bike to me! So I set out to get a more appropriate sound, and here's how I went about it: Looking on fleaBay, I found this seller that listed a pair of chrome Air Horns for $15...
  2. Waylander

    Air horns?

    Ok, got a warrent of fittness the other day (state inspection thingy..) but the guy told me that my horn would not pass the next one in six months. So I'm looking to replace it. I want something a bit louder aswell so the deaf boy racers with thier stereos on full blast can hear me over the shit...