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  1. caseyjones955

    Douche Move? branded leathers.

    I have been curious about this for years. I have to come out of the closet as a recovered (former) HD owner and im well aware of sensus of riding a Harley without some variant of the HD emblem, flames, a flaming skull, or some sort of Ed Hardy-esquee pre-adolescent snake coiled around...
  2. shawn kloker

    drag racing leathers

    Does any body know where to get a good deal on a 2 peice suit?I do not want a road racing suit with knee sliders and half calf lenth pants.
  3. KRL0215

    Vanson Leathers Open House *Pics*

    I rode down to Vanson on Sunday to check out the open house. Squid central. The stunt show was cool, and free food is always good. Here are some shots. I gotta give Vanson some credit, they make all their stuff in house and do repairs and everything. They offered a tour of the facility too, its...