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  1. T

    Question about lubrication - Magnacharger crank adapter

    Hello, I was just looking at a thread on here from a few years ago. One2dmax posted a really helpful message with pictures showing the Magnacharger crank adapter. Pictures duplicated below... I'm just curious as to how you maintain adequate lubrication, because I know that on a...
  2. M

    lubrication system

    Hi, just wondering if someone can tell me if the the lubrication system on an '88 model, is a full flow or a bypass system?

    Drive shaft to wheel lube???????

    I just changed the back tire for the first time on the 95', it looked liked it could use some grease. It had a little oil residue on the gear, but looked dry. Does the shaft gear oil get into the joint between the wheel and shaft? I dont think it does, so would a good grease pack do good in...
  4. firefly

    Dry film lubrication ?

    I came across this site , did anyone try this before? they say that treating parts with dry film lubricant before engine assembly reduces wear of all moving parts and prolongs engine life drastically, it sounds like the miracle lubricants you add to oil but is more sophisticated and expensive...