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  1. maxrom

    the magic of numbers

    Hy, is there a magic of number for you guys:ummm: as when your Max reach 50,000 miles or 25,000 miles well, in 500Km my Max will reach it`s birthday cake of 100,00Km:th_party33: :scooter 1:100,000 km = 62,137.11922 miles I asume the rear tire will have to pay for that:biglaugh: :punk:
  2. CustomMax

    Magic Vmax

    As anyone can see from all my previous posts I was having alot of issues getting my bike to start. It wouldn't fire up to the point my starter quit cranking from trying so much. Well I saw the "How to rebuild your starter" thread here on the forum. And in the mean time I had Sean send me his...
  3. vmx12s

    Magic Trick ***NWS***

    Definetly not safe for work!!