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  1. J

    melted headlight fuse

    Anyone know the fix here....headlight fuse doesn't just melts the fuse casing...
  2. mundmc

    Fan melted off, replacement thoughts

    After fixing some electrical issues and installing COPSs, I noted my radiator fan was making an odd noise, and it wasn't spinning. On disassembly and inspection, it appears my fan really melted off the housing that makes it spin. Sigh. My first inclination was to epoxy the fan back to it's...
  3. 4W4K3

    Help identify melted wires

    Howdy guys, I've got a (hopefully) simple question for you all. Can anyone identify these wires/plugs? I was having some battery issues yesterday and ended up having to replace the battery as it was completely dead and wouldn't take a charge. Ended up getting stranded...
  4. m-cman

    Plastic Bag Melted on Headers..

    Saturday night I ran over a plastic bag and it stuck to and melted on the stainless steel headers on one of my "non" V-Max bikes. What is the best way to remove this mess? Any ideas??
  5. Black98Vmax

    Melted Headlamp Socket

    Hey- I am having trouble with the plastic surrounding the Headlamp bulb. It is getting HOT :angry flame devil: , and actually melting! I do have a "XENON" type bulb but not a true full-blown xenon system. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it? The ground is...