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  1. liptoss

    'Cause we're movin' on up to the east side...

    Well, it's been a freakishly busy week. I sold my 34 year old 1984 XJ750RL I've had since new, and bought mint 06 Street Bob. XJ had 78000 KMs all original with exception of WOLF 4-1. FXDBi has 62,000 KMs and... many upgrades including: Braided stainless lines Screaming' Eagle fork brace...
  2. Buster Hymen

    Movin' on up!

    Thanks to Jason, on this forum, as he helped me out with Google Sitemaps, and on a Google search of Vmax forums, this forum now comes up as number 2 in the search! Previously I couldn't find it in Google!:eusa_dance: :clapping: :ohyeah00: