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  1. snakecharmr

    Pirelli MT66 Route opinions?

    These came on my bike when I bought it a few months ago.. still am yet to really ride the bike as I've got a few feet of that nasty white stuff on the ground. Just looking for opinions and reviews on these tires.. Also would the 170/80-15 fit the rear without modding it? Bike is an 85
  2. J

    Will 170 Bridgestone Spitfire or Pirelli MT66 rub?

    Looking for some new rubber. Just wondering if anyone has mounted 170 Spitfires or MT66 on a Max without any rubbing? Did you have to swap the spacer or was it fine without? Did it even fit at all? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. maxist

    Pirelli MT66

    Has anyone tried the Pirelli MT66 tires for the Vmax? Front 100/90 - 18 M/C 56H TL Rear 150/90 - 15 M/C 74H TL
  4. V

    Pirelli MT-66 anyone?

    Hey guys, anyone familiar or installed the Pirelli MT-66 on the rear/front? I was gonna buy the Metzelers 120/90/18 for the front and the 170/80/15 for the rear but thinking of buying the MT-66's instead cos of the super low price. From what I have read the MT-6 should be more than...