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  1. H

    chrome parts package anyone?

    Scoops VGC side panels (so-so condition) Front 85-86 wheel VGC brake caliper - rear - (ok condition) rear brake arm (ok condition) all for $650.00 + shipping from Greensboro NC will only separate the front wheel from the package.
  2. V-Four

    Got a package today..(Hint Chrome Pics)

    Hey gang. Been awhile since I’ve been here. Got married to my lovely lady last year (3rd times the charm) ;) , Bought a house ... had a surgery a few months ago.. Well, the warm weather is here..well it was for a minute..whatev. Finally got the max uncovered and washed this year. Somehow...
  3. N

    super ginormous windshield and sissy bar with package tray

    Hi all, I've got a windshield in very good condition with all mounting hardware and bracketry that needs a new home. I'm unsure of the brand, but it appears to be of decent quality and the brackets were definitely made for a gen1 Vmax rather than a universal set up. There is a scratch towards...
  4. H

    chrome parts package anyone?

    HO! HO! HO! Santa needs a new reindeer. Ok, i wanted to see if anyone is interested in a chrome parts package (bundling is cheaper). Here's what I have for sale (pics coming soon): (1993 Gen 1 parts) Chrome scoops - great shape Chrome levers - great shape Chrome valve covers - great...
  5. M

    Package discount offer expiring

    The $25 package discount for the bundle of Backrest, Luggage rack and mounting brackets for the Gen 1 VMax is expiring at the end of September. I have a half-dozen full sets in stock, ready for immediate shipping. Get 'em while they last! (also posted in...
  6. ZRX/V-MAX

    I got a package with a turd on it today!

    I live in a rural area, and my house is a distance from the road. This morning I drive up to my gate, and there is a package on the ground from UPS It's been really rainy lately, so the UPS guy put it in a plastic bag and set it on the ground near my gate. Perched on the top of the box, on...
  7. vmax190

    stimulus package

    did all you guys get your stimulus package, mine resulted in $18 a week, WTF, I think somebody whispered in this dicks ear once that he had a nice stimulus package and he loved the sound of it and ran with it.:bang head: