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  1. KJShover

    Playing around this afternoon

    disassembled a gen II graphic. raked and tweaked the front, stretched the back, reshaped the tail and generally goofed off for a few hours. Not quite finished, but here it what I got done so far. .
  2. Gargoyle

    Playing with a intro title for the Hooligans

    No idea what I am doing yet but I made this today and figured I'd share it for some feedback.
  3. 2fear

    Playing with my meat again...

    Just finished slicing up some venison, it's in the seasoning / curing stage in the frig. Making some teriyaki and some jalapeno flavored jerky to take on the Michigan VMOA ride this Saturday in Three Rivers...... Yes, I will have enough to share:biglaugh:
  4. KJShover

    Playing with animator

    I'm bored, so I started messing with a couple of animation software I have that came with Corel and Paint shop pro. I just hashed this out in a few mins. I'll get some better ones done.
  5. Calimus

    Playing around with a new toy

    So I got my wife a MiniDV cam for xmas and naturally she ended up with it a bit early. So it got up in the 60's today and we figured we'd play with it and see how it works out. The vid was orignally 370mb and I compressed it with windows movie maker (untill I get better software) down to...