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  1. B

    Protective Rubber grommets for brake lines

    I've looked over parts diagrams for variuos model VMaxs (including mine, 1985) and can't seem to find the part number for the rubber grommets that protect the brake lines from rubbing on the forks. Anyone know where I can get some of these? Mine have pretty much seen their better days. I did...
  2. F

    Protective Jackets

    I have a 17 y/o son who has been riding for about 3 years or so....yes, some of that time was illegal but with me on our backroads. I live in the "boonies" so to speak. Anyway, a few months ago I bought him an 08 SV650S. He rides fairly gently and gets about 58mpg. Of course he loves the...
  3. firefly

    Bleeder Screw Protective Cap

    Does anyone know were to find Bleeder Screw Protective Caps, the ones on the bike have deteriorated and cracked, are they available at local auto parts stores? Thanks ________ Ford XW Falcon history