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  1. M

    Help with Tire Ratings

    Hi All, Finally getting new rubber for my 04' stock rear wheel. Looking at the Metzeler's but confused by the ratings. The OEM's have a V rating. When I look at the big selling sites, I see the Metzeler 880 170/80/15 have an H or HB rating? Can I use these? Not sure what the HB rating...
  2. C

    speed rating for tire ?

    im getting an 18" x 5.5" sportmax rim:eusa_dance: the tires im thinking about getting are metzeler ME 880 tires but the rear tire is a V rated and the front is H rated. im thinking a 180/55ZR18 rear and a 110/90H18 front that's the best combo i can find my question is with 2 different speed...
  3. Robbarrie

    Headset Radio Rating

    Wanting to buy a radio headset for bike to bike communication and rider to passenger. I want the forums input to help me make a good choice in purchasing the right one. But, I need to know why you bought the one you did, options offered and what were you looking for in a radio. Why to buy one...