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  1. johnpclynch

    Removing 95bhp restriction

    Removing the restriction on a 3UF VMax (95bhp > 145bhp) The Japanese model of the Vmax is restricted in a number of ways - VBoost, there is none so try to source a VBoost kit (expensive) or do as I did and install VBoost elimination tubes first - Carb diaphrams, get new diaphrams or...
  2. gunrunner

    getting rid of japan speed restriction

    I am in the process of importing a max. A 2LTNOOWA , the guy im dealing thru informs me that it is a Vboost V4 143hp model but all jap models are restricted to 180kph . Is there anyway round this?:hmmm:
  3. S

    oil pipe restriction and spun rod bearings

    Hey all, new here - I need help! I have aquired a clean 86 vmax. It had spun #2 rod bearing, then been rebuilt by a professional yamaha mechanic. It has 50 EASY miles on it, and spun #2 rod bearing again. the crank, rods, bearings had all been replaced. I'm an automotive engine builder...