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  1. D-Max2012

    Sealed Gen1 Fuel Tank

    Sealed Gen1 Gas Tank with KBS Gold Tank Sealer. Kill carb problems and rust, at the source. All the hard work and time is done for you. $160.00 buyer pays shipping. Cont. US Only. ; ; ;; ; ;
  2. D-Max2012

    KBS Sealed Gen1 Tank 4 Sale

    Sealed Gen1 Gas Tank with KBS 3 step system. $250.00 buyer pays shipping. Cont. US Only.
  3. CaptainKyle

    Fresh sealed gen 1 tank -SOLD-

    Gen 1 tank fresh sealed with KBS tank sealer $ 125 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email instead of pm [email protected]
  4. firefly

    Vmax Battery replacement 101

    DO not attempt starting the engine if the battery is weak because it results in the loosening of the starter clutch screws causing the starter clutch to go bad! ODYSSEY PC 680 not the 680M, the M is for an extra metal jacket that is not needed for max application. A link to the battery that...