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  1. a113ycat

    My Sister Rene Miner

    In Sept 2013 My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was devastating at age 47 she had so much more life to live. My family and I rallied around her dropping everything else to help her with this process. My brother in law and me spend every moment one or the other with her during this...
  2. odieoh24

    "climax" gets a big sister!!!

    so ive been able to secure the remaining funds to make a deal on a gen 2!!!!! this is it!!! MAXED OUT 2009 YAMAHA V-MAX VMX17YB IN LIKE NEW CONDITION JUST 6600 MILES. MODIFIED TO PUT OUT UP TO 210 HP. CAPABLE OF 9 SECONDS QUARTER MILE TIME. MAINTENANCE RECORDS, RUNS ON SYNTHETIC OIL. THOUSANDS...
  3. Redbone

    My sister has walked on

    I can hardly believe I'm typing this so soon after my younger brother walked on last fall, after a 25 year battle with Diabetes. My sister who at age 55 and was just two and a half years older than me has left us with what looks to be natural causes. We do not have a 100% clear understanding...
  4. Max01red

    Twisted Sister Chistmas carol....

    This rocks :ryb: ....the videostarts out a little slow, but gets much better :ryb: