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  1. M

    Suggestion on Clutch Replacement

    i 'm rebuilding the clutch on my 87 VMAX and was wondering which way to go in terms of clutch kits. Im changing friction and clutch plates. Tks Max
  2. odieoh24

    new award suggestion

    well gentlemen, and ladies if you're reading, it seems we have cause for a new award! how about something for the guys who get screwed without any satisfaction! i am about 2 months from joining coprunner and a few other vmax owners on the road the the big "D". i not married, but i've been...
  3. firefly

    Just a suggestion

    I think a title name change would be more appropriate for this section. User mods are already in the v4 garage, I think this section title would be more specific if it was named user creations