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  1. 3

    Updating Headlight & Turn Signals

    Hi.I'm new to the Vmax and want to get a more modern looking headlight and turn signals for my 2004.I'd like LED and hopefully something that performs better then stock.I have done wiring before but I would like to get something that is fairly easy to install.What is everyone using? Great...
  2. A

    Updating my 2005

    Hi I'm recently new to maxdom, however been riding for 50 years. A guy dropped off a 85 with Supertrapps at my shop for charging issues and I fell in love, 2 weeks later there is a lovely 2005 anniversary edition with 10k miles in my garage. Yes it had the same problems/issues that all the rest...
  3. T

    A little updating

    New 440 progressive shocks and I removed the backrest. No need for it until a road trip or wifey wants to ride.
  4. N

    upgrading and updating

    Ok guys I want to upgrade my brakes as my rotors are way to thin and pulse badly and pretty much no pads left. I want to start with just bolt on parts like newer calipers and rotors but like I said just stick with simple bolt on stuff. From what I've read the r1 calipers will bolt on the rear...
  5. ColoNat

    updating foot pegs

    can the newer tapered foot pegs still fit in the 85 mounts? or do the mounts have to be replaced as well? looking to update from the big flat bricks that came with my 85... anyone have some of the newer style around? :ummm: