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  1. steamer97

    Wideband data logger?

    I'd like to fine tune some carb sets I have. Since the 2nd Gen is in my future I hesitate to spend $500 for the Innovate LM-2 kit at this time. I'm wondering if anyone here is in the Chicagoland area that has one and would log some data on my bike occasionally? Or perhaps you have moved on and...
  2. srk468

    Think I'm going to order a wideband O2 sensor & gage...

    Motorcycle carbs I'm having some trouble understanding, seems like any direction I go is wrong, I have Sean's kit with the different springs & drilled slides but I just can't seem to find the sweet spot. 157.5 jets, needles on 3'rd clip from pointed end, and idle mixture screws 3 1/4 turns out...
  3. Rusty McNeil

    Dyno-jet wideband commander