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Mar 20, 2019 at 7:14 AM
Jun 25, 2008
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December 10
columbia county new york
underground petroleum storage tank tester (retire

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Well-Known Member, from columbia county new york

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Mar 20, 2019 at 7:14 AM
    2. poppop
      hey danny i hadn't been on here in a while.just got to thinking about you and finally found you.Hope you and heidi are doing ok and had a good thanksgiving..I hadn't been on here or donated in two years .Don't know how to send you a private message .I would love to hear from you .my e mail is ( .please e mail me.I miss you my ole friend.Terry
    3. Trondyne
      Love the dogs pics....

      Dogs is one of my top three hobbies and I do some dog (really human) training when I can...

      Looks like a great pack!
    4. vmax2extreme
      Hi Danny,
      Check your messages for info on a carb issue of mine.

      Thanks for your help...
    5. zdiver
      Are you still doing carb work? I need my carb's gone through and jetted.
    6. Dreamster66
      Sweet deal! Thanks!
    7. pastreit
      Danny - I'm not sure what's going on, but I expected to get an Email notification if you replied back in September and I didn't. I was just checking back now and noticed you replied the same day. Sorry I missed your reply - I assume you've since used the elbow somewhere else. I'm still looking for one if you have one or get one in. I'll look into my profile settings to see if notifications are turned off.

      Regarding price, that's a bit difficult I suppose because you can't buy them OEM. Not having an reference for a market price, I'll throw out $20 as something that seems fair. Let me know your thoughts. I've got the carbs off the bike for the next month or so preparing for Spring. Thanks!
    8. pastreit
      Danny - checking back with you on the drain elbows. Any chance you have one to sell?
    9. jagco1
      danny i bought another bike 1989 fj1200 the bike his almost 6 gallon gas tank. it's the white and gray color 1. Extremely torque in the mids rpm range. I have range around 255 miles before full up on gas. maybe could be longer if i keep my foot out of it.
    10. cgale1974
      Right front card body is the one I need.
    11. pastreit
      Thanks Danny - I appreciate it.
    12. pastreit
      Thanks for checking Danny. Is it worth checking back with you now and then, or you don't expect to have them in the future?
    13. pastreit
      Danny - I'm looking for a carburetor bowl drain barb - I broke one off last year when cleaning the carbs. Any chance you've got one you're willing to sell? Thanks, Paul
    14. natedog650
      Your name was mentioned for getting parts? Looking for a slide and two mixture screws, 06 Vmax.

    15. GMax97
      Hello Dan I need help. 97 max over heats and I see some form of fluid or coolant build up on the left side casing right by the gear foot pedal.
    16. des max
      des max
      hey Danny what do you charge for 4 bleeder screw O rings?
    17. marsmax85
      Hey Danny Happy New Year !! quick question for you do you know much about top fuel carbs from cycle one off ? any good with stock engine?
    18. dingy
      Sent PayPal refund of $283.20.
    19. daniebaker
      Hi Danny,
      This is Daniel from Florida. I just want to thank you for the excellent job that you did on my carburetors. You are truly an amazing guy who provides unparallelled customer service. Your reliability is unquestionable and your knowledge, dedication and diligence causes you to provide superb carburetor service at a reasonable cost. My bike runs much better after the outstanding work you did on my carburetors. Keep up the good work!!!.

      You have been truly a worthwhile member of this forum, in more ways than one, so I want to publicly recommend your Carburetor service and also thank you for the help, advice and timely service you continue to provide. Thanks a million Danny.
    20. BigD2000
      Danny, I hear you are the doctor for anything vmax. My name is Dustin and I'm a new vmax owner in central Kansas. I have been completely through my carbs, ultrasonic cleaned and new o-rings, and diaphragms. It's up and running now, but someone in the past has removed the vaccum ports from the intake and replaced them with cap screws and silicon...... Idiot. I need advice on where to go from here? Can I find replacement male fittings for the ports? I'm having syncing problems as I can only do it by "ear" which is not good enough.

      I would really appreciate some help. I'm having some other small issues as well, but would like to tackle this main issue first.

      Thanks a million, Dustin
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    December 10
    columbia county new york
    underground petroleum storage tank tester (retire
    My VMax:
    '96 VMax carb test engine
    My other bikes:
    '17 Harley FLRT trike
    Carb cleaning/rebuilding @ BRC Carb Shop, 16 Taylor Hollow Rd, Ghent, NY 12075 email:

    cutting firewood, upgrading the house and grounds, my v max, pistol shell reloading & shooting


    Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character....
    and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals,

    cannot be a good man.

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