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  • Hey Dave,

    I hope your the guy who asked about a gas tank in my 300 swap gas tank photo's.
    Well the cut out on the gas tank is specific to the larger gas tank option for the shaft drive 260 and up fat tire conversion. The cut out is for the gear drive that allows for the swing arm width to accommodate a 300 mm tire in my case. You had a question about a specific wheel size. Please forgive my confusion here, I lost your message when I tried to reread it during writing this message. I have tried everything to get my inbox back, but didn't get it so here we are. You can email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 720-327-5902 my name is Gent. My bike is completely rebuilt with LEDs, HID head light, COPs, Venture final drive, too much to list as they say, so any question you have feel free to ask.
    Hi Dave, I like what you did with your air scoops. How did you go about removing the paint and what did you use to polish them with (if you dont mind sharing that with me).
    Thanks, Glenn ps I bought an 06 VMax recently. Stock except full Kerker system and jet kit for carbs.
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