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  • Hey there. Well wishes on a speedy recovery. Hoping it won't set you too far back into riding season. Took me a year to recover to the point of feeling like I had normal use of my knee after it needed surgery so I can empathize with the slow recovery feeling. I've been fortunate in my travels 'so far'. Have had to travel into other lanes due to dirt and gravel coming off the hills after a good rain fall. I've had a couple of tumbles do to poor footing at stop signs but no major falls, fingers crossed. Anyway, best wishes on your recovery and do hope to hear bout the progress on your repairs soon. Good Luck Denis.
    Envious you get to ride with lots of fellow maxers. Midwest is a waste land for Vmaxes mostly Harleys (Big Surprise)
    bro your the man sorry for all the bullshit questions but I appreciate your time just want the best and you have the experience I see !!
    Thanx for the picture comment on my bike "Strafer". Bell made a Helmet that matches the bike too...
    Hey there DMAN999, I finally started getting off the bike and opening up the VMAX Forum pages. lol So thanks for directing me to this forum and again for helping me get the manual for my newly acquired 1992 VMX 12.
    Great Pics from Thunder 2011 Dennis ! Glad we had a chance to chat, attend the parade to cheer our fellow V-Max bros & sis's going by, and most importantly, get some great Pa rides in. Look forward to seeing you at Thunder 2012 !!

    Your pic's are really impressive!! You guys & gals on the east coast allways have the best events, with lot's of Vmax's.:clapping: Wish I could have been there. We only had 6 Max's show for the Hell's Kitchen event.Hopefully I can get a hole parade like u guy's,some time this summer.I think Vmax'ers here in So.Cal. are so lazy they have snooz buttons on there smoke alarms.:rofl_200:
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