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    V-boost is glorified solution for bad carburetors. Funny!!!

    I suggest a couple things. What does the inside of the gas tank look-like? It should be shiny metal on the interior, unless some prior owner, or you, coated it with a gas tank liner product. When have you replaced the gas filter? You can probably find a similar size at your local parts house...
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    SPA Technique Tachometer built into Original Speedometer Housing Tutorial

    That looks fun to watch as you run through the gears. It looks great. I just split the pics into another post under the original thread topic.
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    Clutch Master Cylinder kit or assy needed?

    Pissing corrosive brake fluid all-over your expensive bike and wiping it up with paper towels is like using plastic wrap as a condom. The potential end results of both are not-good. Neither is the clean-up. One-way valves, 'speed-bleeders,' a MityVac tool, or a syringe to reverse-bleed the...
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    Funny mod: decreasing power!!!! Here, on the forum!!!!!!!

    I've replaced the spring on a button to restore reliable function when it lost temper.
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    Gas Cap Manual / Tutorial for Dry Rotted or Cracked Gas Cap Seals

    Perhaps the O.P. can re-post it? I saw he's still active.
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    Rear Fender loose

    You might try some JB Weld and some screen in the area where the plastic is missing. Leave space for the tabs to slip-out of the locating holes then formed.
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    Got a carb question

    I like a NaHCO3 (bicarbonate of soda) blaster for cleaning carburetors and calipers or master cylinders. Screwloose is probably not going to have access to our Harbor Freight Tools, but I expect that some local to the U.K. tool jobber will carry something similar...
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    Clutch Master Cylinder kit or assy needed?

    See post #27
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    Clutch Master Cylinder kit or assy needed?

    I suggest buy OEM, a complete assembly.
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    Got a carb question

    I often use Ron Ayres Yamaha. While they may not be the cheapest, their service is good. Sean Morley can get OEM parts and if you buy from him, if you have questions, he's a great resource...
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    Got a carb question

    I usually replace rather than rebuild brake master cylinders, and clutch hydraulics. They're inexpensive-enough, and you can still get them OEM.
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    Vented fuel tank query.
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    Buying a VMax tomorrow... Need advice

    I'm lucky to get 4K miles out of a rear, and it's usually 2 rears to 1 front.