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  • new to the forum here.... looking for a good mechanic in the miami/ florida keys area. Challenging to find someone who knows these bikes well in the Keys.
    I've been wanting to jet my carbs for some time now, but I've never done it, and I have always wanted to learn. If you're up for it, I would obviously pay you a fee. I would mainly just like to learn. I know the virus makes thing weird, I have plenty of disinfectants as I work for Costco and a majority of people around me work in the medical field. If not, i totally understand. I didn't think it would hurt to ask.
    Hey, my name is Brandon from Orlando, FL and I'm looking for a set of 17" wheels. I hear you may be able to help me with this. Do you have any available? Thanks!
    Hi I am a new V Max owner just bout a first generation full power model 1985, always wanted one but it needs a bit of work, I was hoping you could give me a bit of advise or if you know anyone who can, I am looking for a simple front brake calliper upgrade, the callipers are shot anyway so need replacing, do you know any newer twin pot callipers that would fit straight in?
    Cheers Dave
    Hey Philip, Read your post about the accident cwker007 got in. Got any more details, where did it happen, was he on a bike, do you know him, what's his name? Thanks, Danny
    Checking in old friend. You better be retired by now and filling ip that garage ! Lets catch up some time.
    Hello, Fire-medic not sure what your name is, mine's Tony. Been reading about wheel conversions and 2 names come up yours and LCR, are you different people? I saw pics of a bolt up you posted that really looked good. I am looking to go to an 18" and be able to go the radials. Does the swingarm need notching to use your 18" conversion? And then of course, what's the cost? Any details would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
    Hey bro happy Saturday, read on a post somewhere about converting my stock wheel to a 18”. Said you were the guy to talk to. Been trying to just buy o s, ended up with one that was a 17” or one that was an 18” for big money. Would appreciate any help or a point in the right direction. Be safe out there
    Hello, traumahawk532 referred you to me. He said you customize stock wheels to accommodate 17 inch radial tires that will fit 180-190 rear tires. Do you have any weld up wheels available for sale? Please let me know, thanks
    Hey Phil , going up to Daytona next Wed. and Thurs. If you're up there give me a call and we'll meet up for a beer . If not , I'll still be hitting Jimbo's , Rookie's or Flossie's ( going over later today ) so keep it in mind . Matt .
    Hey Phil. Yeah I'm jealous. Nice pics you posted. Not gonna make it up. Did get some good news Wednesday. I am officially on the national organ transplant list for a kidney so that feels like a step in the right direction.
    I keep looking for posts about Daytona but see little from the Vmax community. Marcus is posting on FB. I'm sure he is shooting for his 200 hp at the Shootout again.
    I did not know Raulf was hosting anything. Heck, I did not know if he was still at the shop since his health issues. Anyway, have a great time. Give me an update on the better halfs health some time.
    Hey I saw is the FS section you were making a 17" wheel from the stock vmax wheel. I was wondering what you were askin for it or if you we're able to make a version that would accept a 200 size tire? Thanks
    OK,thanks.I priced a new one from local yamaha dealer,over $800 I have too much other stuff I need to spend that much on one part.I am building this from the ground up.R1 FRONT end,venture mono frame/96 vmax power
    Not w/o switching the ignition & pickup to the early system. Don't do it. The early system is not the way to go even if you had all the parts to do it. Stick w/the later system. If you need an ignition box buy a Dyna 3000
    hi guys,I have a question,I hope you more expieranced owners can help me with.Will an 85 cdi run my 96 vmax?
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