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  • Greetings.
    Seen you and your work here and on Chopper's Australia
    I have a question - would you be willing to produce a 2" over swingarm and shaft for me?
    If so, what would I be looking at, and what would you need from me in parts, if any.
    My existing arm has a Custom Vmax brace on it is all, and I prefer to keep my bike on the road.
    I am exploring options, as I finally look at chopping the Vmax
    (I spend a little to much time with Andrew CA !)
    Many thanks, Glen
    Hey Jedi,
    Just wondering if you were still planning to make that adapter for harley wheels. Im about to buy a new rear and would prefer your route.

    hey jedi have read alot about your 18 wheel just could find price and how to get one if i can afford it i want one yesterday
    what is different about the rear of the bike? bigger wheel, extended? looks fantastic
    Hey Jedi, I'm trying to reply to your message, but I'm getting an error saying your inbox is full.

    Do you make brake adapters for a ' 90 front end with 17 " lightcon wheels to fit '00 R-1 calipers ? I had these on my '98 but changed the front end to a usd Kaw ZX7R with wheels & brakes , so I had these left over and now want to put them on my '90 .

    Thanks ,

    Hi Jedi, just been checking out the pics of your 88... just wondering what the bars are, and where you'g get them from. Also what height are the risers? I'm slowly doing up my 88 in Aust.
    Take it from a very old CNC programmer when there were only calculators, and long spools of black dotted tape fed machines !!! It's all about speeds and feeds as you certainly know !! Lol !!!
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