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  • Just checked my messages Jim, It was a pleasure meeting you and Shala at thunder. Had a great time. I've been pretty bummed about Sheldon, but went to Toronto and he's making great progress, left there feeling alot better. Just remembering yelling at him after Jim P.' s ride for not wearing a helmet. Dennis (my room mate at thunder) has gone down also. Been a bad summer. I hope to see you next year. Maybe you could make it down to Daytona in March. That is always a blast. Not many curves, but boy there's lots of back road speed. Be safe and go fast.

    It died Once about 350 miles from home , I fired it back up and nursed / drove it home , running weird / ruff. I put a code retriever on it , it has a #4 cyl misfire. I bought a coil , I'll swap it out this week end . Thanks for asking :)
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