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  • Hi I'm sorry this is months too late but thought I'd reply in case it might still be of help.

    Details about frame/engine numbers for Jap Import bikes are here:


    My engine number does start with 3UF and the rest of the engine number follows from that.

    Mine was restricted I'm sure but does have VBoost retrofitted to it. There is a guide on VMaxchat about fitting VBoost to your bike:


    There may be more to it than just VBoost though, allegedly the camshafts are slightly different amongst other things, although these are only minor things for affecting power.

    Jap imports also have a restriction built into the speedo, where if you go above I think 112mph the ignition cuts out. There is a fix, along with some other info about Jap Vmaxes here:


    Sorry again for being so late in replying but hope this is of help.
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