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Sep 1, 2018
Feb 8, 2010
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Tampa Bay
Weapons Systems Testing and Evaluation

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Sep 1, 2018
    1. PATMAX
      Hey Dave, Patmax. Hope you are still enjoying your Mustang. I wanted to plant a seed in your brain if you might allow me. I sold you a carbon windscreen up at Kyles. If you think about selling it, could you keep me in mind. I got a solo rear section and airbox in carbon and would like to have the matching windscreen. Thanks old friend. Patrick.
    2. Swoosebag
      I'll take it.
    3. Marc85
      I'm interested in the radiator grill guard / sides, will the fit on an '07? Also the fork brace, if you still have both items. Thanks!
    4. genecarroll
      I am planning on tech day. I don't need them quick probably not at all just prefer to start fresh. I actually ordered the strap for tool kit already. Thanks for thinking of me.
    5. genecarroll
      That would be great. I have a picture I found
    6. CrackerRican
      Hell yeah, that would be cool. The max is almost complete. Been modding since July of last year. Im really itching to ride. Could of bought a brand new gen II buy now.
    7. fazemon
      Its all good, I miss the FZ8, and it will rank high on my favorite bike list. But between the Max, the TuonoV4 and my dr650, guess Ive got it covered for a while
    8. fazemon
      Thanks man, sorry it took me so long to see your message. I usually just stay in the main forum. I bought a new Apilia Tuono V4 in February, and sadly had to sell my FZ8 about a month later. Did not want to ,but just couldn't justify 4 motorcycles at my income level. The good thing about it was I sold it to a young dude that had owned a R6 previously but didn't like the riding position and he was absolutely thrilled to get the 8. I think he will give her a good home. Hope you still have yours and are enjoying it. I miss mine but the Tuono is simply awesome.
    9. ZackDaniels
      No doubts about it. Ride on!
    10. squib
      So do i but it was a triumph gathering when all said and done. My daughter is back on leave this week (Air Force based in Cyprus)
      She rides a CBR 600 and has been on at me for a shot on the Max. I told her she could come out on the pillion to see why I would not let her out on it.
      When we got back and I asked if she was still offended by my refusal she replied "Christ, Dad. I wouldn't want to go near the bloody thing! It's just a drag bike with a tax disc!"
    11. poppop
      So sorry you've been sick,Hope you get better soon.Maybe a vacation would help?You and your wife Are more than welcome!We have a spare room.I believe you all smoke,So do I no problem.Anyway hope you get better soon.Take care.Terry,.
    12. poppop
      Hope you are having a great summer,Hadnt said hey in a while thought it was time cant forget my friends.Wish you a great 4th.That damn hurricane didn't get get you..take care poppop.
    13. squib
      Still going to chicken out and go on the Triumph mate. Something not quite right about turning up at the old Triumph factory sportsground on a Japper don't you think?
    14. squib
      I am on the case! As I said I have only had her a week, bit of an old rocker on the Triumph front but this thing has changed my outlook on bikes totally. Kep your eyes open and see what comes up in the next month or so. Have a Triumph Owners Rally at Meriden next weekend but I am risking a good old lynching in july when I take the V max to the Beezumph Rally on the isle of Anglesey. Its run by the Trident and Rocket 3 OC which it has to be said is still my 1st love. I own a 1974 T150V with the motor built by the legendary Arthur Jakeman of Slippery Sam fame
    15. poppop
      Wish you all a very merry christmas .Would love to be in florida now.Just to visit and mabye go for a ride.Hope santa is good to you and yours.Take care .terry
    16. Fire-medic
      Thank-you Dave, glad to reciprocate.
    17. redgambler
      I sent your a post about five minutes ago and dont know if it went through. It was either sent or erased.
    18. redgambler
      If you didnt copy my last message I would really like to know anything that you willing to help me out with.
    19. PATMAX
      Grumpy, somehow I lost your email. I want to ask a favor of sorts. I want to send you a link dicephering the fuel reserve issue but can't do it from the iPhone. If I can send you the link, can you post in the forum for all these guys trying to figure out their fuel tank issues. Thanks, Patrick
    20. redgambler
      Hey SpecOps13 how are you reading your af mixtures?
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