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  • Hey Eric, sorry I missed your call...we were out getting another dog. Thank you for telling BC about me, he already called yesterday and is sending his carbs out tomorrow I believe.
    OKCMax (David) is also sending his out. Getting busy man!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Thanks, Eric, for time, courtesy, advice and humor when we talked on phone over weekend. I've ordered the tool and copied Shotgun discussion. Intend to test bike shortly to more clearly understand whether problem is sync setting or pilot jet. When you get situated on land again, please share contact info (text to my phone or email as you wish). Cheers my friend!
    Please call at your convenience. Thanks! If you have to leave a message, please tell me best time and medium to respond. Bill; 405 850 8571
    Continuing.... If you have suggestion for good VMAX mechanic I'm grateful. Apparently my carb sync screws (1, 2 or all 3?) are stripped. Bike idles well, screams at WOT, bit rough sounding at steady part throttle. Ideas or care to discuss? Thanks! Bill 405 850 8571
    Gd morning sir! I'm writing cuz you're close and active on this site. Need help with carb sync prob. I'll do this in two posts due to 420-character limit. Posted recently in carb forum, learning curve ramping up thanks to members here. '96 VMAX … owned for 20 years.
    Heck ya'! Thought I recognized your name, I've seen you over at V4MB. Nice to see someone from the lawton area.
    I see you have a 18 inch rear wheel. What size and make tires in the rear and front. I have the same rear wheel and I am trying to decide on a tire. Mine has a Morley 3 inch swing arm and its notched. I was thinking either 200/50/18 Shinkos or 200/55/18 Avons. Need some advice on what to wear. Thanks!!
    Eric I know someone that has a new in the box star performance 4 into 2 exhaust system if your interested let me know I believe black in in color . He won it at thunder last year so mums the word..
    was wondering your findings of hp gain when you adjusted your valves (the way I want" and were they out of spec, or what you put them to?
    We should get together and ride soon. Let me know when you have time. Not afraid of girls are you?
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    Now FUCK OFF.
    I tried tapping on it with a Rubber Mallet with no results, they were soaked and cleaned pretty good, but were off the bike a little over a week after. Is there a way to dislodge a stuck float using Air? If so, where do I direct the airflow?
    Hey Eric just a thought david Justice 1st shirt maxer ? Said he's heading up for thunder with huge trailer and lives in okla not sure if you seen his posting ? Also if you decide to ride up and share room with him I will pay for your half !! Jagco (james ) might be coming up to for couple days and bunk with me if and only if your not able to come up (there's no sharing beds ) lol just a thought .. Jamie
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